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CRUST Group is here to serve your food waste and loss and sustainable beverage needs by Co-Creating products with your food waste!

About us

The company aims to be the leading plug & play upcycling platform for food service and retail businesses and food manufacturers who want to reduce food waste & loss but experience high barriers to do so.

CRUST Group’s mission is to empower businesses in food service and retail to upcycle their food waste and loss, reducing global food waste by 1% by 2030.

What we want for Co-Creation?

Through our sustainable unique label (SUL) model, we act as the R&D platform to provide co-branded products for partners in food service and retail.

If you’re a restaurant, retailer, hotel, or airline with food waste and loss that is costly to lose and dispose of, we’re here to be your R&D partner and give your surplus food a new lease of life. By partnering with us, you’ll save costs, all while gaining a unique co-branded product, additional revenue per bottle, and a sustainability initiative with a story to tell.

We pride ourselves on being able to valorise a range of food waste and loss. So far, we’ve upcycled bread, grains like rice & quinoa, spent and stale coffee grounds, surplus fruit & vegetables (peels, seeds, husks), cacao husks, tea leaves, and more into our unique beverages.

  • Chief Marketing Officer / Shen Ming Lee


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