Greencoat is looking for a manufacturing partner with innovative plasma coating technology!

About us

GreenCoat’s mission is to provide an affordable and green form of indoor climate control that supersedes the environmentally and financially costly HVAC systems of today.

GreenCoat makes this possible through our end-to-end plasma-coating smart window solution that changes the opacity of windows in response to different environmental conditions to maximize energy efficiency. GreenCoat’s IoT connectivity means that HVAC and lights can be adjusted in response to the shade of the windows. For example, on a hot sunny day, as GreenCoat windows become opaquer to block out excess heat and sun glare, HVAC systems can be turned down accordingly, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Our live dashboard and data analytics platform allow users to track these changes and the resultant energy and financial savings in real-time.

Unlike our competitors, our smart windows are retrofittable to existing windows, ITO-free and respond dynamically to real-time conditions, making our solution cheaper, greener and smarter than all other smart windows on market.

What we want for Co-Creation?

GreenCoat is looking for manufacturing partners to produce our groundbreaking plasma-coating technology on a commercial scale.

If you want to Co-Create a future where building windows help users save energy, reduce costs and enhance the marketability and value of the building, while leading the world’s journey to net zero green and sustainable buildings, please reach out! We look forward to hearing from you!

Company Data

Company name:GreenCoat Limited
PIC:Oliver Pang(CEO)
Address:Unit 1213, 12/F., Delta House, 3 On Yiu Street, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China
Corporate Video: