Teijin continues to provide various solutions in the fields of materials and healthcare to solve social issues. To further solve social issues, we focus on environmental issues and aim to solve them through open innovation.


For more than a century, Teijin has been doing business in the fields of environment, security, safety, disaster prevention, aging society and healthcare. Our goal is to create new values based on our DNA of overcoming difficult challenges and continuing to evolve as a company that “supports the society of the future.”

Benefits of working with us


We are working to solve issues related to realizing a sustainable society, which includes developing high-performance lightweight materials and components for aircraft and automobiles and by improving their fuel efficiency contribute to the reduction of CO₂ emissions. To provide further environmental solutions in the future, we are looking for a variety of proposals for collaboration in the following four areas.

Circular Economy

In order to realize a recycling-oriented society, further technological innovation is required in various fields, such as manufacturing, logistics, and recycling. We are looking for a wide range of ideas and service proposals in this area.

Energy & Heat Conversion

Breaking away from fossil energy is an urgent issue. We are looking for a wide range of ideas related to non-fossil energy, such as wind power generation and hydrogen energy, regardless of the field or type of business.

Nature Restoration

Biotechnology is attracting attention as a solution for environmental issues or food crises. We are looking for a wide range of ideas that use biotechnology, such as food, agriculture, forestry, livestock, and industrial products.

DX Projects

We are working to solve environmental issues with DX and are looking for ideas related to digital technologies and services, such as CO₂ visualization and emissions analysis, which play an important role in achieving this.

Requirements and Notes

Qualification Requirements
Any business, from start-ups to enterprises, may apply. *Joint applications from multiple companies are also welcome.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the application requirements, please use the inquiry form. ・We will reject any application attempting to sell or solicit a product or service. ・Should we like to discuss your proposal further, we will contact you within one month of receiving your application.