Top 4 take-aways of CES Unveiled, Amsterdam

Thursday 12th of October 2023, Gerke Spaling and Martijn van der Leeden – both members of Teijin’s Environmental Solutions Division – visited the CES Unveiled Symposium. The event was hosted at the TAETS Art & Event Park in Zaandam, a couple of minutes from Amsterdam by bus. The event was aimed at start-ups and scale-ups pitching their ideas, a total of 74 start-ups / scale-ups were present.

Our strategy was to speak to all of these companies in a quick in-or-out style: challenge companies to pitch their solution and decide within one minute whether there could be a match. If it is clear there is no match with Teijin activities, move on.

Here are the top 4 interesting leads:


This company provides a solution for an actual online, graphical virtual office. A web based “gaming” type of environment to meet colleagues remotely and interact with them. Potential in connecting ESD team on an informal level. Could be a nice experiment.

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Augmented reality solution with low HW requirements. Can be used to virtually demonstrate product or tell a story.

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‘We predict the future’ was their answer to us asking them what they do. And, they came with a compelling story on why that could be true. They have a background in IP Management and do AI powered searches in patent databases to distil trends and with that predict winning technologies. Good story, worth looking into.

Seems very interesting for us to analyze viability of technology we are interested in.

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This company aims at replacing the more and more scarcely available graphite used in batteries with their own synthesized material, CarbonX.

They have been speaking with Teijin (probably Aramid), but at that time concluded that business was too close to cooperate. This contact was already a while ago.

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