The HyScaling Project

~Expanding green hydrogen economy~

  • Green hydrogen is the key opportunity to make the energy transition a reality and limit global warming sufficiently.
  • Currently green hydrogen is neither mass-produced nor cost competitive.
  • However, green hydrogen has the potential to become competitive once learning curves and economy of scale effects are achieved.
  • Teijin’s aim, as a member of the HyScaling  consortium project, is to make green hydrogen a competitive energy carrier and feed stock for the industry.
Project Overview
  • The HyScaling consortium project aims to reduce the cost of producing hydrogen through electrolysis by 25-30% in order to enable the Netherlands to implement up to 5 GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030.
  • The project involves improving the efficiency, lifetime, and cost of electrolyzers with the goal of establishing a viable supply chain for large-scale electrolyzer production in the Netherlands and positioning the country’s high-tech industry as a key player in the global electrolyzer market.
  • The project also aims to make green hydrogen competitive for use in various sectors including industry, transportation, and residential use by enabling further extension of renewable power sources and exploring use cases at various scales.

Teijin members involved in this project

  • MASAYUKI CHOKAIManager ESTIC Teijin Ltd.
    “I like to collaborate and cooperate with people externally because the resources inside individual companies are limited and the research is becoming complicated.”
  • MARK BREEDHydrogen Business Development Manager
    “My key driver is a better world and sustainability. I also see a future for business. Hydrogen came on my path and if we want to keep below two degrees there is no chance without hydrogen.”

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