InRep Project

~work together to make plastics circular~

  • Plastic has brought great innovation to society. On the other hand, its downsides, such as CO₂ emissions and marine pollution, demand change.
  • Teijin, as a member of the InRep Project, is working to establish new, preferably low-cost and environmentally-friendly sorting and recycling technologies.
Project Overview
  • In the InReP project, stakeholders are working together to create a circular plastic value chain in order to address the negative impacts of current plastic usage, including leakage, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and habitat destruction.
  • To achieve this, the quality of sorted plastic waste as input to recycling processes needs to be improved.
  • InReP aims to develop technologies for sorting, mechanical recycling, and chemical recycling that will increase the availability of high-quality recycled plastics for the two dominant polymer types: polyolefins and PET.
  • The project will focus on several processes, including optimized sorting and washing, mechanical recycling of polyolefins, glycolysis of PET, and the production of valuable monomers from polyolefins and PET.
  • The results of the project will be used to boost the attractiveness of recycling, contribute to the circular transition, increase the competitiveness of participating companies, and encourage academic research and education in the field. InReP will also focus on communication and dissemination activities, including the establishment of a learning community.

Teijin members involved in this project

  • BERT GEBBENPrincipal Scientist Teijin Aramid B.V.
    “If you want to complete an idea or implement it then you need much more than the individual mind.”
  • KLAAS JAN SCHOUTENNew Business Technology Manager
    “My key driver is a better world and sustainability. I also see a future for business.”

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